[mythtv-users] Proposed new Myth frontend/backend

Donald J. Organ IV dorgan at donaldorgan.com
Tue Dec 15 20:30:34 UTC 2009

> If at all possible, I would suggest not buying it piece by piece. For
> the most part, you won't be able to do anything with any of those
> parts until you've bought them all. If you buy them piece by piece,
> the earlier pieces will be sitting there doing nothing but eating up
> part of their return period. I'd try saving up money until you can buy
> them all in one shot. That will make exchanges easier. In addition, it
> will save you on shipping cost, plus the cost of most parts just seem
> to come down in price, so you may get a better deal by waiting (but if
> there are any parts that currently have a decent rebate, that may be
> an exception)

> I also try to buy the MB, CPU, RAM, and PCI devices from a single 
> source, and pay the few extra dollars to have them tested as a unit. 
> The one time I did not do that, there was a lot of returning.

I will be buying all my parts from NewEgg and the reason I do it in pieces is because then my wife wont be on my case about spending so much money at once even if it is saved up.

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