[mythtv-users] slow mythcommflag and setting JobQueueCPU in 'settings' mysql table

Bill Bogstad bogstad at pobox.com
Tue Dec 15 06:31:56 UTC 2009

I recently decided to redo commercial flagging on all my recordings.
I made the mistake of using 'mythcommflag --all  --queue' to do so.
Unfortunately, that throttles mythcommflag so much that my backend is
running at only 10% CPU utilization and it looked like it was going to
take a week to finish.  After some review of the source, it seems that
in addition to using nice() to reduce it's load; mythcommflag also
sleeps after every frame (or something like that).  Apparently the
sleep can be turned off if  the JobQueueCPU value in the settings
table of the mysql database is set to something larger then 0.  The
problem is I can't seem to find anyway to set this value other then to
hack the database.  (I've done this (set it to 1) and it is now maxing
out one of the cores on my CPU.)

However, for future reference, is there a more straightforward way to
change the setting of JobQueueCPU?

I'm on 0.21 so maybe a new interface has been created in 0.22.

[I decided to check and it appears I can set it via mythweb.  I still
can't find a way to do so using mythtv-setup.  I also can't find any
description for what this setting does in general, so I don't know
what will happen if I leave it set to something other then 1.]

Pointers to docs, etc. would be helpful.

Bill Bogstad

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