[mythtv-users] Proposed new Myth frontend/backend

Donald J. Organ IV dorgan at donaldorgan.com
Tue Dec 15 01:09:36 UTC 2009

>>Why not go for a newer (and cheaper) VDPAU card?
>>You need a micro ATX motherboard for that case. Any of these should be fine.
>>You might consider going with 2 drives just to mirror. I know it's
>>only television, but I've had a disturbingly high failure rate in the
>>last few years when buying drives based on lowest cost per GB. It's
>>still a pain to rebuild the system.

OK I updated the config to include the changes you have suggested and I am defintely going with 2 1TB drives exactly for mirroring purposes.

I will probably start buying this system piece by piece over the coming weeks.

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