[mythtv-users] No sound with VLC as player for .iso files

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 16:51:58 UTC 2009

VLC plays fine when called from a myth menu button but there is no
sound when it is set as the player for .iso files.  I have a main menu
button set to just call vlc and then I have to use the mouse to select
the file and play it.  That works fine. I have full screen, remote
works, sound through spdif.  But when I set it up as the iso player,
no sound.

Here is the command I use in setup under iso file type
DISPLAY=:0.1  vlc  file://%s  vlc://quit

This also doesn't work
DISPLAY=:0.1  /usr/bin/vlc  file://%s

and this does not have sound either
vlc  file://%s  vlc://quit

Here is my main menu button that works
     <text>VLC Video Player</text>
     <action>EXEC DISPLAY=":0.1"  /usr/bin/vlc</action>

I have tried setting spdif=1 and alsadev=default

Here is my asound.conf file per my wiki
dad at myth_desktop:~/.vlc$ more /etc/asound.conf
  pcm.!default {
     type plug
     slave.pcm "spdif"

But like I said, vlc works fine when called from the button.

I give up but if someone on the list has an idea, I will gratefully
give it a try.

Mythbunty 8.04 LTS with myth 0.21

I have read virtually every post in the last year on audio and have
helped countless people get digital audio working so I am not too
hopeful that I can figure this out.


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