[mythtv-users] Removing Skiplist in 0.22

Mike Smith easygreenus at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 13 06:38:53 UTC 2009


I've seen my emails in the archives about manually removing commercials
using mythtranscode and  mythcommflag.  I've tried many of the the suggestionss
and still don't have it right.  I'm trying:

mythtranscode --chanid ${CHAN} --starttime ${START} --honorcutlist --showprogress --mpeg2
mv ${HOME}/${CHAN}_${START}.mpg.tmp ${HOME}/${CHAN}_${START}.mpg
mythtranscode --chanid ${CHAN} --starttime ${START} --showprogress --mpeg2 --buildindex --allkeys
mythcommflag --chanid ${CHAN} --starttime ${START} --clearcutlist

But the skiplist is still intact.  My 30 minute recording is now 20 minutes.   The flags show that commercials have
been flagged,  but no cutlist.  Running mythcommflag --getskiplist shows the skip list.  When I watch the show,
it still skips over the spots were commercials use to be.  If I edit and watch frame-by-frame,  the program
is still there in the frames that are being skipped.  I turned off autoskipcommercial, but it still skips the 

How do I clear the skiplist?   I think that's the only thing I have left to do.




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