[mythtv-users] Looking to build first mythtv box

Donald J. Organ IV dorgan at donaldorgan.com
Sun Dec 13 04:04:40 UTC 2009

Are there any motherboards that have this integrated and have HDMI out??

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> I am looking to be able to record HD and playback HD on the same box when why I want the HDMI out.

You can record HD on pretty much anything. Digital HD tuner/encoders
(ATSC, Clear QAM, firewire, HD-PVR) are all just going to be dumping
to the disk, with minimal CPU usage. Comm-flagging will use some CPU
but your processor should be fine. For playback you are going to want
to go with NVIDIA. VDPAU is really great for hardware accelerated
playback and the VDPAU deinterlacers are excellent. It will currently
give you the best quality. See the wiki for more information:
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