[mythtv-users] VLC plays on wrong screen.

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 01:06:43 UTC 2009

> Okay since you are familiar with VLC and you know it works, use that.  As
> for where to put the command, it's really up to you.  Do you want to use it
> for all videos, or just .iso files?  If you want it for all videos, go to
> Media Settings->Videos Settings->Player Settings, and make it your default
> video player.  If you want it for only .iso's, go to Media Settings->Videos
> Settings->File Types, go to "iso" and put the player command there.
> Follow the advice of the wiki.  Make it fullscreen.  Disable the OSD.  Map
> the key bindings so they match what MythTV uses.  Add commands to the
> .lircrc file if you're using LIRC.  These last two items should drastically
> improve the WAF.
> -- Kevin

I have everything working except for one very important thing.  VLC
runs full screen and the remote is working.  My video starts like it
should.  Problem is that the video starts on the control monitor and
not on the TV.  This is very strange because when I set up a button on
the myth main menu to just start VLC, it would run on the TV.  But
with the command entered in the .iso section, the focus jumps to the
control monitor (Screen0) away from the TV (Screen1), where Myth runs,
and the video plays on the control monitor.

I googled around but can find nothing on this.  It is probably
something simple like some command to tell VLC to play on the Screen1
but I can't find it.

Screen0 is my LCD and Screen1 is either a CRT TV or a projector.

Hopefully someone knows the answer to this.


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