[mythtv-users] scaling/stretching of video..

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sat Dec 12 19:18:52 UTC 2009

On Saturday 12 December 2009 03:22:01 am Thomas Mørch wrote:
> Is it possible to stretch video horizontally, WITHOUT doing it vertical?
> I'm trying to get everything shown, but so far, if I wan't to see the whole
> video frame, then I get black borders on the sides, even with 16:9 content.
> So it seems that the video is squeezed a little.
> I tried to set fill to horizontal stretch, but that also stretches the
> video vertically, which I do not want to do..

First, do you see black borders just in the video, or in your MythTV menus, as 
well? If the former, then have you configured MythTV to use separate video 
modes for menus and for video? If you DON'T see borders in your menus AND if 
you've NOT configured MythTV to use different video modes, then it sounds 
like the borders are in the source material. If so, you should be able to see 
the borders in the previews shown in the recording list, or when playing the 
files in mplayer or other tools in a window. IIRC, this can be fixed by 
adjusting the displacement and scaling settings in MythTV. Go into the 
playback settings; these options are on the second page. I'm not 100% 
positive those are the correct settings, though; I could be confusing them 
with something else.

If you see black borders in menus OR if you've set the system to use different 
video modes for playback, then it sounds to me like your video configuration 
is off -- or alternatively, that your TV/monitor isn't properly synced to 
your video card's output. (To be sure, if you're using a different mode for 
playback than for menus, you should disable this option.) If I'm right, you 
might be able to improve matters by using xvidtune to sync your display to 
your screen and/or by adjusting the picture's position on your TV/monitor. If 
you use xvidtune, you may need to create a custom Modeline from its results 
to put in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

Rod Smith

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