[mythtv-users] Screen shutoff and devices

Brent Bolin brent.bolin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 15:33:24 UTC 2009

Hello All,

I struggled with screen shutoff for about 2 weeks.  Didn't want screen
savers cause they really don't turn the screen off.  Also favored something

DPMS is what I use.  However getting dpms to work was a bit of a trick.
 Even though I had dpms options set in xorg.conf `xset -q` would show them
not saved so the screen would not shutoff.    Xorg.logs would even say it
found them when loading the configuration.  A quick test by going to another
screen Alt-F2 opening an xterm window and typing in `xset dpms 0 0 30` would
tell me that dpms would work fine if I could get it configured correctly.

I tried all the usual places for x11 applications .xinitrc .Xdefaults
.xsessions and even some of the files in /etc/X11

Nothing appeared to work.  I ended up setting an option in xfce wm on
startup for the automatic login for that user setup on the specific front
end (have multiple front ends).

Create file /home/Username/.config/autostart/DPMS.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=xterm -bg black -fg black -iconic

And then editing .bashrc

xset dpms 0 0 300

The above works fine and lasts a long time:)

Here is the second part of my subject "Devices"

I currently have 2 real TV's with tunners and a Samsung monitor.

The Samsung works perfect and has far better resolution then even the real
TV's (P2370).  Does a nice shutoff also.

The Toshiba 19in LCD and Panasonic 55in rear projection also shutoff...kinda

The screen blanks off and then comes the mighty warning

hdmi input (tohsiba)
dvi input (panasonic)

And just keep warning, warning, warning

Also the screen really isn't shutoff.  A look at it in the dark shows this.

So is there an option to turn the warning off and to really turn the display
guns off?  I haven't found any.

So at this point the TV simply needs to be powered off when not in use.

Are there things to look for when purchasing new TV's ?  I'd be kinda happy
just using a monitor, but 23in or so is about the largest I've really seen.
 Also It might be a good idea to many multiple inputs like current LCD/LED
large screen TV's have

Thanks any input would be appreciated.
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