[mythtv-users] IMON LCD backlight

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Dec 11 00:54:12 UTC 2009

> Effectively the imon VFD does the same thing.  After powerdown it leaves
> the nice little message, "thanks for using lcdproc and linux" to light a
> dark room, whether you want it or not.  If a fix emerges for this on the
> imon LCD, I'd be interested in trying it on the imon VFD, too.

Well,. the backlight is one thing, and you cannot fix it. However,
that message is specifically from lcdproc, and as far as I recall you
can customize it. Although the backlight is annoyingly bright, the lit
letters are even brighter, so if you customized the message to be
blank (assuming thats possible), then at least it will be a little bit
dimmer after you shutdown. But if your system can handle suspend to
ram, that would be better (since the backlight will stay off).

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