[mythtv-users] cannot scan or tune one channel that used to work

Tod Pike tgp at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 10 19:46:23 UTC 2009

I use mythbuntu 0.21+fixes. Recently I noticed that program guide data
station WQED in Pittsburgh was missing. Upon further investigation, I
found that I couldn't tune the three HD WQED channels, and an auto-scan
didn't find them either. I have tried manually creating them using the
known channel information, but still no luck.

Any ideas on what to try next? These channels worked fairly recently,
and I can pick them up on my OTA TV (I only get OTA channels - don't
have cable or anything). The channel information I've manually set up

channum: 13_1
callsign: WQED-HD
freqid: 13

the rest are all defaults.


Tod Pike

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