[mythtv-users] Fixing overscan

Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Thu Dec 10 16:22:59 UTC 2009

Yan Seiner wrote:
>  My TV is nominally 1366x768.  However, it actually displays around 
> 1280x680 pixels, the rest is lost.  In the past, I've twiddled with 
> the modelines, but my TV (a Sharp Aquos) is notoriously finicky and 
> has all sorts of sync issues if the modeline isn't exact.  So I'm back 
> to losing the outer bit of my images.
> Mostly the Myth menus and configuration options are unreadable.
> --Yan
If you are using an HDMI input on the TV you may want to try switching 
to a VGA or DVI input if it has one. I know on my TV (Samsung) that made 
a big difference and it now displays with little or no overscan. When 
using the HDMI input it was missing a lot of borders.


 Jim Morton   

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