[mythtv-users] ATI TV Wonder HD 600 PCIe/650 PCI on Woot today

Patrick Doyle wpdster at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 14:52:44 UTC 2009

Has anybody noticed the 2 cards they have for sale on Woot today?

According to linuxtv.org, the "ATI/AMD ATI TV Wonder 600 PCI" is
listed as unsupported, but I have no idea how stale (or fresh) that
page is.

I am curious about a number of things looking at these... perhaps
somebody knows the answers to some of these questions (which will all
be moot if the cards are not supported in Linux, although, for $25, it
might be fun to buy one and see what I might be able to contribute to
getting it to be supported in Linux)

Why should I favor one over the other (600 PCIe vs 650 PCI)?  They
clearly have different bus architectures and the 650 has more
features, but if all I am doing is using it to record OTA ATSC (and,
perhaps someday cable clear QAM), do the HW MPEG encoder, the comb
filters, etc... of the 650 really buy me anything?  Is the (presumed)
fact that the 650 is a different chipset enough to favor it over the
chipset in the 600?

I am a little confused by ATI's nomenclature, as I recently bought an
ATI HDTV 600 USB tuner, which does not support clear-QAM.  I assumed
that this meant that the PCIe 600 device would not support clear QAM
and that I had found a typo on WOOT's web page, but the ATI site also
claims that the PCIe 600 device supports clear-QAM and that the USB
600 device does not.  I'm curious if anybody has any insight into

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