[mythtv-users] Retro-wide ready for testers

M.A.E.M. Hanson hansonorders at verizon.net
Thu Dec 10 05:16:25 UTC 2009

 >> http://tinyurl.com/ybwh94o
 >> Ignore the Xterm, but the background image is a bit funky. ;) That image
 >> is a cover file in my video collection, but as you know, it probably
 >> should not be there. :)
 > You mean an image at all, or that particular image ? I'm using the 
 > image as background, an idea taken from Mythbuntu. For folders, Myth 
 > to use the first availabe one it can find, So, I would guess in our Video
 > directory, "40 year old Virgin" is the first with a post, and "Back 
to the
 > Future" is the first with Fanart.
 > I don't have multiple video folders. Are you using Video storage groups ?

I mean that particular background image, but your explaination makes 
sense.  How can I change what image it uses?

I am not using video storage groups.  I just have two places mythvideo 
looks for videos.  In my case that's /myth/md0/video and 
/myth/md1/video2.  It's set up by having: 
/myth/md0/video:/myth/md1/video2 as the mythvideo directory in setup.

I just installed your newest version and I can see some of the 
improvements.  I still have difficulty reading Manage Recordings > 
Upcoming Recordings when the hi-lite bar is over a scheduled event.  I 
can read the details on the lower half of the screen, but I have 
difficulty reading the listing on top when it's hi-lited.

Keep up the great work.


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