[mythtv-users] Retro-wide ready for testers

M.A.E.M. Hanson hansonorders at verizon.net
Wed Dec 9 20:50:10 UTC 2009

Thanks for taking this theme update on.  It's my favorite by far.  I'm running the 12/02/2009 version and having trouble with the main mythvideo screen.  I use the gallery style listing and this is what I see:


Ignore the Xterm, but the background image is a bit funky. ;)  That image is a cover file in my video collection, but as you know, it probably should not be there. :)

Also, I feel the color of the fonts are too dark.  The white on the mainmenu is fine, but the font color on at least the mythvideo and upcoming recordings pages are too dark and difficult for me to read.  Again, see the image from above for an example.


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