[mythtv-users] ot: Intel may buy Nvidia?

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 05:12:36 UTC 2009

> Why?  Did you forget that AMD bought ATI?  AMD boards will have ATI
> video on board.  If you want nVidia, you'll have to buy a card for it
> (like you do with many motherboards today).  What will change is the
> gradual dis-appearance of Intel video chipsets from Intel boards.

Yeah I agree with the author. With AMD/ATI moving the CPU and GPU onto
the same die, integrated chipsets won't be able to compete, and they
will even be able to give most discrete GPUs a run for their money.
Nvidia exited the chipset business because they won't be able to
compete with the combined CPU/GPU chips. Intel tried to make a
competitive product and failed. So Intel has no GPU, and Nvidia has no
x86 CPU. The only way they can compete is if at a minimum they work
together or more likely if Intel buys Nvidia.

Also I believe that Intel has been very friendly to Linux in terms of
providing open specs for their chipsets and helping to develop open
source drivers for their hardware. They haven't been able to compete
with VDPAU because they don't have the hardware not because of
drivers. AMD/ATI on the otherhand has better hardware but they haven't
delivered the drivers.

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