[mythtv-users] Migration issues from 0.20 to 0.22

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 9 02:32:44 UTC 2009

On 12/08/2009 08:41 PM, Rick Goldberg wrote:
> I think my problem is that I'm trying to migrate too many aspects at 
> once, and I don't know what order to do it in. Here's the current setup.
> Several year old installation of Ubuntu with Myth 0.20. SIngle machine 
> acting as the frontend and backend. Using a PVR-350. I'm running X 
> over the 350's TV-out to my TV. The X part was very finicky to setup, 
> so I don't really want to mess with that machine any more than I have to.
> I'd like to modernize my setup, and eventually retire that old box. My 
> desired setup is a single mythbackend running on my home server and 
> several front ends around the house.
> I have the server part all set up. I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 and 
> myth 0.22, configured an HVR-1600 and that machine is working 
> perfectly as a front and back end.
> I have also set up a second front end on a different ubuntu 9.10 
> machine, communicating with the backend server, and everything works fine.
> Now the part I can't figure out. How do I migrate all my data off the 
> old 0.20 myth box to my new 0.22 backend?
> The recording files were on an NFS server, so they are accessible to 
> the new backend. I've done a backup of my old database using 
> mythconverg_backup.pl <http://mythconverg_backup.pl>. But I'm stuck 
> now. I only want to restore the recording data, I don't want to do a 
> full database restore (since user names and plugins are different), 
> but the partial restore option says it only works with identical DB 
> schemas, and I assume the schema changed from 0.20 to 0.22
> Can anyone help me over this last hump?

You really need to do a full restore of your 0.20 data.

Then, if your host names change, you /must/ do 
for each host whose name you change *before you start any mythtv 
programs* (including mythtv-setup and mythbackend).

So, for example, if your master backend was named mbe before and now 
it's newmbe, you'd do:

mythconverg_restore.pl --change_hostname --old_hostname="mbe" 

And if you had a frontend named frontend and changed its hostname to 

mythconverg_restore.pl --change_hostname --old_hostname="frontend" 

Then start mythtv-setup and let it upgrade the database schema.

There's really no benefit to doing a partial restore--even if you choose 
not to install some plugins you previously installed, the space taken up 
by their data is negligible.  A partial restore is meant as a last-ditch 
approach for salvaging a little data from a broken database.

If you really feel you must do a partial restore, it can be done, but 
the process will include /all/ of the above steps plus a few others.


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