[mythtv-users] 'powerline' ethernet experience?

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Tue Dec 8 05:28:43 UTC 2009

On Mon, 7 Dec 2009, Jerome Yuzyk wrote:

> How about a remote-controlled car pulling some fishing line?

Some years, I read a magazine article from someone who had used toy radio 
control tanks to run network wires through drop ceilings.  

As I remember, the story was, they had three days to do a job, and after the 
first day they hadn't even done a quarter of the work. On the way to the 
client the second day, he had the tank idea and stopped at a Toys R Us . 
They finished the job the second day.

I've tried it since and it works great. First time with my son's Buzz 
Lightyear ATV, which has three balloon tires per side instead of treads, but 
drives with tank steering. Worked well, but had some trouble with anything 
in the ceiling taller than wires..

Then I picked up this tank cheap, that launches nerf rockets: 
-- probably because the launcher didn't work. Didn't matter for me -- the 
tank can climb just about anything in a drop ceiling.

Recently, I got one of these Spy Gear tanks for under $40, again on some 
surplus house's super sale. 

It's lower profile than the tank, so it fits into some tighter places. The 
camera is useful, but you need to mount something like a mini maglight to it 
so you can see.

The best thing that Buz's vehicle has was a flashing red light on one side, 
and green on the other. So even if it was down the ceiling, you could tell 
which way it was facing.

Anyway, long story to say an RC vehicle can be great for pulling cable, 
assuming you have access for it to enter and exit.

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