[mythtv-users] Implementing HD-PVR IR Blaster

Bobby Schwartz rschwartz at lastar.com
Mon Dec 7 14:53:44 UTC 2009

> Wrong patch. That's for 2.6.30 and earlier. There are significant i2c
> changes in 2.6.31 that have to be accounted for. Use...
> http://wilsonet.com/jarod/junk/hdpvr-ir/hdpvr-ir-2.6.31.patch
> ...or...
> http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/F-12/kernel/hdpvr-ir-
> enable.patch?view=markup
> ...instead.
> That'd be why lirc_zilog isn't binding.

Well I have good news!  After a long frustrating weekend I'm up and

I re-patched source for the 2.6.31 kernel then downloaded the firmware.
It took me a while to understand how lirc needed to be configured.  Then
I finally found a lircd file for my STB.  The last piece of the puzzle
was realizing that the zilog chip can only xmit a fixed group of

We're a Time Warner area here.  Our STBs have generic  A, B, & C buttons
to manipulate on-demand and PPV menus.  It sure would be fun to pipe the
on-demand through Myth.  I'm guessing the zilog chip can't supply that
signal.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

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