[mythtv-users] Schedule recordings - when episodenr is in title?

Klavs Klavsen kl at vsen.dk
Mon Dec 7 09:46:22 UTC 2009

Joe Wilson said the following on 2009-12-07 10:43:
> I think you where right on your first assumption.. I set to record 
> everyday at 5am. which is the news,
> but its only available on weekdays.. and it didnt set what was on the 
> weekends, so Im thinking it
> is using the title & description also.. I see now, what your saying. 
> If it was to act like a vcr wouldn't
> it also record during the weekends even if the show was diffferent?
yes - and this can be done using the "manuel record" option - only then
the information of what was recorded etc. is lost :(

I'm trying to work with the "super search" option.. it's just bugging me
currently ;) (see other post)

Thank you for your help Joe

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