[mythtv-users] Schedule recordings - when episodenr is in title?

Klavs Klavsen kl at vsen.dk
Mon Dec 7 09:44:37 UTC 2009

Joe Wilson said the following on 2009-12-07 10:15:
> Did you try a custom recording rule like the following
> program.title LIKE 'Showname%'
> program.previouslyshown=0
Thank you for the intro to "super search".

I tried doing this:
program.title LIKE 'Showname%' AND program.previouslyshown=0

And then it wants to record the rerun on the same day (an hour before) 
but NOT the show from the actual date (ie. it records the 7. episode on 
the .8, and the 8. episode on the 9. etc.)

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