[mythtv-users] Placement of DVB CC subtitles

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 7 07:38:29 UTC 2009

>How do I get the DVB CC subtitles displayed at the bottom of the 
>screen, instead of the middle? 
>( example picture: 
>http://glemsom.anapnea.net/mythtv-subtitle-middle.jpg sorry for the 
>poor quality... I don't have a keyboard attached to this computer, so 
>it's from my mobile phone ) 
>My setup is: 
>* mythtv 0.22-fixes-22952 
>* TV running at 1080p (over hdmi) 
>* DPI set tp 100. 
>* nvidia 8500GT card 
>* Mythtv theme: mythbuntu 


I dont think it is possible to change the position. I have seen that they move around alot when switching stretchmode. But even with stretchmode off it dont look good. I never produced a line of C++ code in my life, but i tried to get some help on the devlist to atleast find the place where the subtitles is positioned, so i could atlease try to make it better. But no one seems to know where that happens in the code, so i'm lost.


I guess the only thing to do is to file a bug report, or maybe it already exist for the problem, and then wait.
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