[mythtv-users] QT Issues

Joe Wilson wilson.joe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 01:43:19 UTC 2009

   I have been using OpenGL instead of QT..  Is there a serious difference
between the two?
   When I attempt to use QT in the video's it scans the videos forever and
doesnt seem to stop. I end up
   having to reboot,and when going into settings nothing seems to function,
the boxes will appear a blue
   whall everything else is black.. I have to exit the frontend and restart
it.. and then I am able to change
   back to OpenGL.. sometimes using a mouse and clicking on it makes it
possible to select the boxes
   but not always... Is OpenGL the better option then QT? or is it the other
way around.. I have no
   problems using OpenGL..
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