[mythtv-users] SoundEgg Chair

Bob Cunningham FlyMyPG at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 22:40:19 UTC 2009

On 12/06/2009 02:21 PM, Dean Collins wrote:
> Lol ok you geek gear freaks, imagine playing halo on a big screen while
> listening to the audio with this - http://www.soundegg.com
> <http://www.soundegg.com/>
> This is too cool, if anyone on this list is at CES in Las Vegas this
> year make sure you post back what you think of it when you test out the
> sound inside of it. Not sure how this would sound in real life but I’m
> not sure I could get it pas the WAF test anyway but if I had space for a
> “Man Cave” here in New York I think this would be one of the first
> things to go into it.

Bah.  Just an exercise in how big you can go with the idea of "headphones".  Or perhaps an exercise in how small you can go with the idea of "listening room".

However, given the open front, the sound isolation enclosure is incomplete.  The logical next step would be to enclose the front.  Rather than add a clear screen, it would be better to just add a TV built into an opaque, soundproof door.

That is, make it an exercise in how small you can go with the ideal of "home theater room".

With two more changes, I suspect the WAF test would pass enthusiastically:  Just add a food slot, and replace the seat with a toilet.


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