[mythtv-users] Very strange - all fonts are now square boxes...

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 21:51:33 UTC 2009

   OK - this one is strange. All my theme fonts are now just square,
unfilled boxes..


1) I have three identical Pundit-R machines. I use two as frontends
and keep the 3rd as a spare.

2) One of the frontends has a problem so I updated the spare to be
completely up-to-date as per Gentoo stable, so it's 0.21.

3) When the updates completed mythfrontend runs fine on the spare but
all the theme fonts are just unfilled square boxes!

   OK, so I've still got one machine working correctly, but it's a
little out of date so I decide to update it. In the process of working
out some small differences between the two machine I note that the
working machine has no locales. For some reason I decide to give it
the same locales as the spare machine as I update the last 10 or so
packages. Now the working machine is completely up-to-date, just like
the spare machine. When I reboot that machine and let mythfrontend
start normally guess what happens? You got it - no fonts in the theme.

   Up until the time Myth actually starts I see all the typical
console fonts. Those are fine. It's only after mythfrontend starts
that I can see it has no fonts.

   Does Myth have some requirements about using or not using locales?
Are the fonts carried in the theme itself or are they from an external
package that possibly I took off the system without knowing?

   Why don't I have any fonts?


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