[mythtv-users] Table 'recordedseek' filled with offset set to 0

Hans-Peter Oeri hp at oeri.ch
Sun Dec 6 18:24:44 UTC 2009


For quite some time now, recordings get seekpoints with offset set to 0.
The relative proportion of entries with offset 0 seems to be depending
on the recording's channel. All from DVB, so no local reencoding.

Recordings from channel "kabel eins" from Astra 19.2E (DVB-S) seem to be
the most affected, having an average of 71% of recordedseek entries with
offset 0.

A manual transcoding/mythcommflag --rebuild corrects the situation.
Viewing a recording before such action is unbearable, though...

Is the some weird specialty I don't see?


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