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Sun Dec 6 17:00:18 UTC 2009

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 9:14 PM, <stefan_jones at comcast.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 10:24 PM, Myth User <mythtv at heathsworld.com>wrote:
> Ubuntu 9.10 with HDhomerun.
>> >
>> > In mythtv-setup am trying to scan these 2 channels (to keep it simple):
>> >
>> > 114-1
>> > 114-2
>> > 114-3
>> > 114-6
>> >
>> > 115-2
>> > 115-4
>> > 115-6
>> >
>> > When telling the channel scanner to scan, it will finish and tell me I
>> have 3 new "non-conflicting" MPEG channels.  I go ahead and add those (which
>> I can't tell what they are but happen to be 115-2,4,6)...  Next it says I
>> have conflicting MPEG channels and have to add them manually.  Why are the
>> actual channel numbers 114 and 115 not being attached so the scanner knows
>> the difference?  Why can't it simply add the channels as listed above?  The
>> 114 and 115 part of the channel is omitted and the dash channels (sub
>> channel numbers) are conflicting.  I am looking at manually add all my
>> channels if this is really broken in .22.  Please let me know if I am
>> missing something because it just worked in .21.
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance.
>> > On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 8:44 PM, Mitch Gore <mitchell.gore at gmail.com>wrote:
>> > yup, broken/issue.  Thats what i think.  Read the archives and you will
>> find several issues like this, including me.  Devs say that this is not an
>> error/bug even tho it worked fine in .21
>> >
>> --
>> > Mitchell
>> >
> ----- "Myth User" <mythtv at heathsworld.com> wrote:
> > I see.......  I did run across that thread but seemed silly that someone
> would say it works but not tell the
> >world how.  That's really too bad because the truth is that it did work
> right in .21.  So if the dev's are so >certain that it really works (and
> works better), why can't they provide documentation on how to click the
> > right buttons?  It's obviously not intuitive like in .21 because it just
> worked.  I've tried everything but a
> > hammer and going back to .21....
> My take on this:
> The .22 channel scanner may very well be far superior to that in .21.
> But the user interface isn't all there yet.
> The dialog boxes at the end are the GUI equivalent of a series of questions
> at the end of a terminal-output application. In addition to being a one-way
> trip, the choices are not well explained. Breaking up problematical channels
> into SCTE, MPEG, etc. adds to the puzzlement.
> The current documentation does not help.
> Ideally, at the end of the scan the user would be presented with an
> interactive list, sort of a Channel Pre-Editor, of problem channels. Each
> entry would include  the channel with which it conflicts. After deleting or
> editing the entries, the survivors would be added to the list of valid
> channels.

Agreed.  However, as long as the scanner continues to omit the actual
channel number and only add the sub channels there will always be
irresolvable conflicts.  There could be 100 channels that have "-1" or "-2"
sub channels therefore 100 conflicting channels to resolve one at a time in
a blind manner.  The really crazy part is that if you edit a channel (after
you manually assign them due to conflicts), the channel number has been
detected and labeled inside each of the detected channels in another
duplicate field.  But, the scanner can't tell the difference between 114-1
and 115-1 at this point because they both have a dash-one.

In summary I believe the code should be changed to detect conflicts
differently.  Currently it matches like:

If $subchannel = $subchannel, then conflict

and should be:

if ($channel)-($subchannel) = ($channel)-($subchannel), then conflict.
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