[mythtv-users] IONITX-C tearing 1080p

Chad Voelker chad.voelker at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 05:39:50 UTC 2009


I have the Zotec ION ITX C board as a FE. It is showing considerable 
tearing on 1080i, but perfect video with 720p both coming from a HD Homerun.

I've validated the following already:
* VDPAU is set up in the playback profile
* Running the most current nvidia driver (190.42)
* Added the "Composite" "Disable" option to the "Extensions" section of 
* Added "TripleBuffer" "True" option to the "Device" section of xorg.config
* Sync to VBlank checked in OpenGL Settings section of NVIDIA X Server 
* These recordings display fine on my laptop

Some other details about my setup:
* I boot from a USB thumb drive and connect to the backend via Gig Ethernet
* Running Mythbuntu 8.10 upgraded with the Avenard repository
* It has one 2 Gig stick of RAM
* It is currently running at 65 degrees C

It would be unfortunate to have to transcode. Any thoughts?


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