[mythtv-users] s-video or component for SD on the HD-PVR?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Dec 6 00:41:32 UTC 2009

On Saturday 05 December 2009 05:06:45 pm Christopher Meredith wrote:
> I'm using an HD-PVR for all channels, 70% of which are SD. I'm using
> component/SPDIF for everything. Some of my SD channels are unreliable
> on the HD-PVR, and I often have to change channels and back again to
> fix lock problems. All the HD channels work perfectly. I'm wondering
> if I can improve things by using the s-video and RCA inputs for SD
> content. Can anyone tell me how the quality of the svideo input
> compares with the component, assuming SD channels are transmitted 
> component at 480p?

Generally component will give you a better picture, but a lot depends on 
what you are watching it on. NTSC encoders and decoders cause 
degradation, but as in all things there are better and worse encoders and 
decoders, as well as differing tolerances on the part of viewers.

Assuming nothing else is the "weak link" in your system, I'd go with 
component, unless the reliability increases enough with something else to 
make it worth putting up with an inferior picture.

In order of quality:


HDMI would be #1 or #2, depending on several factors.

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