[mythtv-users] Technotrend 1500 S: can scan, but tuning is difficult

Peter Bienstman Peter.Bienstman at ugent.be
Sat Dec 5 20:45:26 UTC 2009


I have Mythbuntu 9.10, a Technotrend 1500 DVB-S card connected to a TV 
Vlaanderen Triple Sat dish (basically a modified Multytenne with LNB 4 

LNB 1 is hooked up to Astra 1, LNB 2 to Astra 3 and LNB 3 to Astra 2.

In Kaffeine, I can scan and watch channels just fine (with some caveats, e.g. I 
have to tune to a LNB 1 channel first before I can tune to a LNB 3 channel.)

In MythTV, doing a scan both on LNB 1 and on 3 seems to find all the channels 
just fine. However, when watching the (FTA) LNB 1 channels, some work, but some 
don't get further than 'partial lock', although I can watch all of these 
channels without problems Kaffeine. For LNB 3, I was even unable to find any 
channel that fully locks...

I thought I needed to press 'C' during Live TV to switch to a different LNB, 
but that does not seem to do anything.

Perhaps there are some troubles with how MythTV handles the DiSEqC switch. I 
found some reference on the mailing list that for the Multytenne, you need to 
set the DiSEqC repeats to zero, which I did, but perhaps that's not the issue 

Any suggestions?



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