[mythtv-users] mythtv 0.22 backend on Ubuntu Hardy Heron

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Sat Dec 5 20:38:03 UTC 2009

I have also a frontend on 0.22 here, and since there was no repositorywhich
would let me install 0.22 on Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS, I went for compilingthe
source code myself. I'm quite a newbie to Linux still, but managed tocompile
(after installing Qt4 and a few other programs/libs to fix issueswhich arose
during the first compilation attempts).Upgrading the entire Hardy machine to
Karmic could be a pain. Butcompiling the source code should be feasible - in
particular as you won'tbreak your existing setup until you have managed to
compile 0.22.


I just recently upgraded my very stable Ubuntu 8.04 / MythTV .21 system to
Ubuntu 9.10 / Myth .22.  Myth is very much a hobby for me.  So even though
at work I wouldn't fix something that isn't broken, that just doesn't apply
at home.

My wife loves Myth and the fact that she isn't bound by the TV schedule to
watch her programs.  I don't think she even knows what day most of them are
on the air.  So the WAF was high with .21 and I knew that was a risk of
upgrading.  Still I couldn't resist.

So on a day that my wife was gone, I "upgraded" by installing 9.10 on a new
partition and moving a copy of my database over to it.  Then I installed the
MythBuntu daily build for .22-fixes and away things went.  There were a
couple minor snags that were easy enough to work out.  The only thing not
working by the time she returned was MythWeb and she doesn't use that

So, give yourself enough time and have a roll-back strategy.  Then give it a
shot.  As many have said on this list, It's only TV.

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