[mythtv-users] FCC admits CableCARD a failure, vows to try something else

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Sat Dec 5 19:57:37 UTC 2009

The problem with watermarks is last time I read about digital film
delivery in the usa they were using satellite to deliver the films
(makes sense as wide broadcast delivery area PLUS lots of recipients -
means broadcast delivery makes sense).

But then the watermark cant be broadcast as all have the same files
(unless they worked out a way for the receiver the implant the code).

I've also wondered how many 'receivers' have gone missing....lol hook up
your own dish and capture every movie as it's being broadcast to the
cinemas ...ha ha.





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Brian Wood wrote:

>But digital copies of films are far more subject to piracy than film

I'd assume they use some form of encryption through the chain - along 
the lines of HDCP. Slightly easier to manage since the the target 
market is smaller. Of course, these days a whole film could fit on a 
portable hard disk and potentially each copy could have it's own 
watermark to trace any piracy.

Simon Hobson

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