[mythtv-users] FCC admits CableCARD a failure, vows to try something else

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I dont think film re-use around the world is that real anymore,
basically print quality is more important than the cost of re-using a





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And that brings us back to money again - why do you think there is so 
much pressure for cinemas to go digital ? Cinemas get the costs (a 
digital projector for that size of screen doesn't come cheap), and 
the film distributors get the savings - if cinemas go digital, then 
the distributors can print less copies and also save on the physical 
shipping costs.

The main reason they stagger cinema releases is that it allows them 
significant savings on film costs. Every cinema that shows a film in 
traditional "big roll of pictures on a strip" form has to have a 
print of the film - and it can't be shared with any other cinema 
wanting to show the film at the same time. By releasing in the US, 
and then in Europe a few months later, it allows them to ship the 
prints around the US, and then ship the same prints over to Europe - 
instead of printing twice as many copies.

Simon Hobson

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