[mythtv-users] Advice on media players

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Fri Dec 4 20:13:33 UTC 2009

I've been thinking of getting the kids a Wii anyhow,

> so this might be the clincher.  I wonder why support
> for Wii would be in beta?  If Wii can be used as a
> UPnP client and their server works with Xbox and
> Playstation, why would support for a particular
> client be in beta?  Is there software that needs to
> be loaded onto the Wii for this to work?  Or are there
> special modifications to the server that need to be
> made to support peculiarities in the Wii UPnP client?
> Has anybody out there tried a Wii with MythTV?
> Thanks,
>             David
If I remember correctly, the Wii is not a UPnP client.  In order to get it
to work with PlayOn it connects to a website that then directs it to your
PlayOn server.  Everything is done in the Wii browser.

I do not have a Wii and did not look into it any further than that.
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