[mythtv-users] Sound re-do on Ubuntu + HDMI. Need advice

mark markhsa at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 17:11:05 UTC 2009

Sometimes works fine:
I am having issues with HDMI sound on Ubuntu 9.10_64 and Myth 22 fixes 
Compiled with pulse support, running in XFCE. 
I often have to restart alsa-utils to get sound to work again after it 
stops with HDMI.  A known issue with alsa and Ubuntu 9.10 apparently.

Anyway, I want to redo this to clean things up and need some advice.  Do 
I have to use alsa?  If there is a bug in it, can I use something else?
On Ubuntu and wanting to use HDMI for video/audio, what can I do 
differently?   No pulse, remove all pulse packages?  No Alsa?
What compile options?  Looking for the foolproof method.


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