[mythtv-users] First start of mythtv-setup after compiling

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Dec 4 16:36:51 UTC 2009

Romont Sylvain wrote:
> sorry, I forgot to say that I did ./configure, make and make install in mythplugin...
> So I really don't know how to fix this problem...

What you listed looks like it should have worked.

You have to make and install mythtv first.
Then make and install plugins and themes.
They rely on the existence of the myth libraries.

It is not clear from what you wrote, that you did all of that in the 
correct order.

I suggest you cd to mythtv-022 and do a make dist-clean. and try again.

I posted a series of scripts on the wiki at:

which are set up to basically do an automated build.
Even if you are on something else, you might be able to see what you 
have missed.
Since it is surely some little thing which got skipped.

Flash idea! Did you configure script run cleanly? THat is, no error 

Is mysqld running when you try to run mythtv-setup (you don't show 
*that* error but maybe.....).

Good luck.


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