[mythtv-users] Delete Recordings..

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Dec 4 16:26:56 UTC 2009

Ronald Frazier wrote:
>> I agree with the original post - I've got the iMon Pad remote control
>> and there's not 2 good keys for I and M - I am using the Blue center
>> "MultiMon" key for M but now what key should I use for I just so I can
>> delete recordings?
>> I really regret having bought a SilverStone case with this iMon Pad
>> remote control. It's got way too many issues. For so many buttons it
>> lacks a decent 'skip forward' and 'delete' key. I miss my old MCE
>> remotes. I'm considering switching back to it. Too bad the IR receiver
>> in my SilverStone case won't talk to them.
> In part, I disagree...I think the imon pad has enough buttons with a
> good set of functions...its just a matter of doing some remapping.
> That said, I don't actually use that remote, merely because I'm not
> crazy about the placement of keys. For instance....when watching a
> given recording, the button you are most likely to use during the
> recording are the transport controls (play, pause, rwnd, ffwd, etc)
> and the volume. Yet these 2 groups are separated enough that (unless
> you have big hands) you have to slide the remote in your hand to
> switch between them. Extremely poor layout, IMHO.
> But, back to your problem. I'm not sure what you've mappend to what so
> far, but if I were to do it (and I did when I played around with that
> remote for a while) I would make the menu and information keys map to
> the 2 context menu keys to the left and right of the directional pad.
> As for delete, I've got my system setup so that record acts as a
> delete key, which works perfectly fine (at least in 0.21 it does).
> When I'm in LiveTV, it toggle the recording on and off, but for the
> watch recording screen and for pre-recorded content it serves as the
> delete key. In that aspect, it's sort of a universal create-and-remove
> recording button.

I use this remote and it has enough buttons to cover what a mythbox 
needs, although the layout could be better. I tried the MyMote app on my 
iphone, and it does not have enough buttons for a myth setup.

I map keys as follows:

Starting under the 'mousepad] thing from top right
Eject for 'D'   delete
Taskswitcher for 'I'  info
Multimon for 'Space' (actually enter)  (big blue one
Applauncher for 'O'
Escape for Esc
Mute key for 'M'   ( I don't use the Mute key as Mute obviously!)
Timer for 'E'   Program Details

This covers all of the needed actions without moving your hand.

Shift-tab for , (jump back)
Tan for .       (jump forward)
I use Prevchapter and NextChapter at the top of the remote for Q and Z 
commercial skip.

The only ones I use in the bottom setup is AspectRatio is mapped to W, 
Fullscreen to Y,  MyTV to F and Menu to 'M' (again)

Works for me.


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