[mythtv-users] Any Asus Aspire Revo Users Out There? SOLVED

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Dec 4 15:50:16 UTC 2009

On Fri, Dec 04, 2009 at 07:16:47AM -0800, Kirk Bocek wrote:
> Patrick Doyle wrote:
> >>   No. The most logical place is something like ~user/asound.conf.
> >>
> >>   If you put it in /etc/ then you need to be root to change it. If it's
> >>in your own home directory then you can easily change it on an as needed
> >>basis without elevating yourself to root.
> >
> >I would say the most logical place for configuring "the default output
> >audio device for this computer" should be in /etc.  It should only be
> >changed by root, as root is the person most concerned with the
> >operation of the computer as a whole.
> Thank you Patrick, Thank you jedi. Your mutli-user arguments make
> sense. However this is going to be a dedicated front-end. They'll be
> no nasty users mucking around inside it. Just a nasty admin keeping
> it going. From *that* viewpoint either /etc/asound.conf or none at
> all makes sense to me.

...when I want to tweak something, I usually just log in as mythtv.

I never touch root and if I need to do anything I do it as mythtv.
This includes actually doing things (frontend, backend, jobs) or
altering configuration.

Once I build a box I generally don't touch root again.

Either approach should work...

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