[mythtv-users] VDPAU card power consumption

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 15:17:27 UTC 2009

> Thanks for whatever info anyone can provide. Also, are there any other
> factors I may not have considered (power consumption or otherwise)?

I don't know any specific numbers, but this has been discussed some on
the list. A lot of the discussion was around the fact that unless you
watch a lot of TV it is the idle power of the CPU/chipset/GPU that is
going to make the biggest impact on your overall annual power usage. I
guess this is assuming an always on combined FE/BE system. With a
frontend only system that gets suspended or shutdown I would think
power consumption is less of a concern all around. So along those
lines I would point out that whether you are using VDPAU or not your
are going to have to have some sort of GPU in your system. So having a
VDPAU capable vs not VDPAU capable GPU isn't going to make much
difference in terms of idle power consumption.

Probably the biggest difference will be between a discrete card vs and
integrated GPU. If you think you would be happy with some of the less
powerful deinterlacers, then maybe you should go with an
8300/9300/9400 integrated on the motherboard. You won't be able to
beat that in terms of power consumption with VDPAU, and I doubt the
idle power will be significantly different the another integrated
non-VDPAU option.

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