[mythtv-users] MythPhone - any ongoing activities on this?

warpme warpme at o2.pl
Fri Dec 4 11:57:07 UTC 2009


It's great that somebody pick again MythPhone area within Myth.

I'm greatly interested in integration of myth and home phone system.

Sometime ago I started do such integration with help of perl.
So for my conceptual considerations led me to following solution definition (and partial implementation):

A: myth as parallel system to home voip system. 
In such scenario, voip and myth are loosely coupled, where myth is usually slave to voip system and working more as snooping than controlling component.   
In such case I would consider following functionality:
1.it should be able pause/resume when SIP calls are incoming/ended;
2.When we have video playback - it should present via osd calling/caller numbers. When calls ends, it can present call duration/costs;
3.When myth is in non-video - presentation is based on myth-ui. It should pop-up windows with the same info as in point 2;
4.It will be nice to have pictures of calling person when call is incoming;
5.It would be nice when user will be able to refuse and redirect to voice mail when call is incoming.e.g. on OSD user will see "press 1 to refuse call, 2 for record, 3 for redirect"; 
6.When call is ongoing it would be nice when user will be able to switch from currently running SIP UA to myth as UA (speakers will be used for listening, attached to fe mic - for speaking);     

B: myth is home voip system
In such scenario, voip and myth are tightly coupled, where myth is main home SIP proxy and is controlling home voip services.   
In such case I would propose following functionality:
-all features from scenario A;
1.possibility to initiate SIP calls;
2.dictionary for SIP calling (with pictures);
3.voice mail function;
4.voice mails list presentation and play;
5.video calls reception;
6.video calls initiation;
7.all other function requested by other users;

As You see - I purposely divide solution definition into 2 categories as from implementation perspective there is huge difference.
I believe scenario A can be served only with help of pjsip lib. 
I was able already implement steps 1-2 with help of perl. Steep 3 seems to be easy but I'm stuck on lack myth functionality (pop-up triggered i.e. in the same way as OSD). 

Scenario B probably needs more thinking as there is probably already developed nice SIP proxy (i.e. Asterisk) which can be adopted.

Generally, I would consider implementation based on agent-server where agent will be representing all (or single) FE and can cover scenario A, while server will realize functions present in B and not covered by agent.
All above are my free thoughts.

All: feel free to comment and creatively enrich mythphone functional definition.


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