[mythtv-users] Ideas on Videl Delete option

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Fri Dec 4 04:35:53 UTC 2009

So to recap: Some people wanted a delete option on Videos, Videos and TV are 
merging anyway. I already deleted something by accident. Some people thought 
it would only delete from the database, and I got the impressions that would 
be a desired feature.

In watching TV tonight I noticed 2 other things.  When watching TV, 
selecting 'Delete' has three options (Delete/Delete allow rerecord/keep 
it), and "Don't delete" is the default.  When you select Delete for a Video 
however, there are two options, and "OK" is the default ! So, an accidental 
double ENTER will delete without you even really seing the "Are you sure" 

So, my suggestion would be, after selecting "Delete" bring up a menu with 
three options:

Delete from filesystem
Delete from Databse only
Don't delete it.

And, have "Don't delete it" be the default.

Thoughts ?

Chris Candreva  -- chris at westnet.com -- (914) 948-3162
WestNet Internet Services of Westchester

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