[mythtv-users] NewEgg Cheap Nvidia GT220 Cards

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Dec 3 23:29:11 UTC 2009

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Thursday 03 December 2009 11:31:22 am R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> And ISTR that you now live somewhere in one of the least densely
>> populated states in the lower 48 (or 55 depending on who is counting).
>> And if so, have you been *back* lately to NY.
> Correct, I live in Wyoming, the least populated of the lower 48, though I live 
> in the "Big City" of Cheyenne (pop. 50,000).
> I get back to NYC a couple of times a year, and I actually find the noise 
> comforting.
>> My wife and I lived in downtown Toronto for many years. Quite near the
>> Gardiner Expressway. Always noisy.
>> Then bought a house in the quiet country.
> I used to live in Peterborough. I worked on Sultan Street (near the Y+B 
> intersection in TO). I loved Toronto.
>> Used to that now. We can recognize the dogs 2 blocks over from their
>> bark. My wife complains about the ticking noise the hard drive makes in
>> the mythbox, across the room....
> Many here have said their spouses complain about HDD noise, perhaps 
> women have better hearing than men?

ISTR that that is a well-known psycho-acoustical fact: that women hear 
higher tones better than men.
Then again, maybe men are just better at *ignoring* noise (like we are 
at ignoring dirty socks on the floor, garbage which needs to be taken 
out, etc. yadda, etc.!!!)

And Schopenhauer posited: The amount of noise that a man can stand is in 
inverse relation to his intelligence and a fair measure thereof.
(I'd be surprised to read that he could even walk in a straight line, 
with his nose stuck that far into the air!...Bet he thought he knew how 
to run a government too!).

Gee we started with video cards....need a GPS to get *back* to being 
merely OT.


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          I may wish to offend you again in the future.

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