[mythtv-users] multiple network boot diskless frontends with seperate configurations?

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Thu Dec 3 21:12:26 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] multiple network boot diskless frontends with
> seperate configurations?
> Hello all!
> So I've got two frontends that I would like to network boot with PXE
> as diskless frontends. I've read many a web article on this, but none
> give any information on how to manage multiple clients like this where
> each client is allowed to have it's own separate "settings" so to
> speak.
> has anyone done this? what is the key to setting up multiple diskless
> frontends that all boot from the same server but have separate
> environments?
> Thanks!
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> Steve
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> The information is out there but it is well hidden.
> On mythbuntu 0.21 each FE's MAC address is used for an independent file
> repository for that FE, on the BE.  On 0.21 you can just do it.
> Also note multiple diskless FE's will likely need more HDD file space
> allocation over a default setup.
> On 0.22 apparently one has to do this from the command line however I've not
> figured that out yet, perhaps someone can clarify?

The setup option has been removed from mythbuntu 9.10 because the
developer is no longer developing (or something like that).

However there are command line ways of doing the same thing:


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