[mythtv-users] Problem with -

Jens Klein jk.tele at nurfuerspam.de
Thu Dec 3 21:08:37 UTC 2009

I am having trouble with MythTV. Recordings that contain the letter - 
(minus, hyphen, dash) are displayed correctly in MythWeb and I can also 
see them in 'All Recordings'. In the corresponding category they are not 
displayed however. The categories show no available recordings although 
they shouldn't exist if there is no available recording. This problem 
first appeared after the update to 0.22. I changed the database from 
utf8 to latin and now did a completely new setup from a blank database 
but the problem still persists. Is it possible that the utf8 hyphen from 
xmltv is transformed differently for the category name and the recording 
title? Does anybody have an idea what to do?
Thanks in advance.

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