[mythtv-users] multiple network boot diskless frontends with seperate configurations?

Brad Benson bbenso1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 20:28:36 UTC 2009

> sounds interesting, though the geek in me wants to "build from
> scratch" at this time.

I can certainly understand that.  That's pretty much where I started too.

> though much like with my going from Debian to
> mythbuntu/kubuntu I'll probably end up going minimyth route once I've
> had enough of doing it on my own and just want it "to work".
> And that's pretty much where I ended up when I found minimyth. ;)

so far I've got it booting and everything, so now I'm just setting
> this boot "image" up with all the toys I want the machines to have
> installed by default.
> Good luck and have fun tweaking your systems.  I've found that one of the
nicest things about netbooting diskless machines is that it's very painless
to try out a different setup.  No hard drives to swap or system to
reinstall.  Try the new image and if you don't like it just edit the netboot
config to switch back to the old one.

Keep that in mind if/when you decide to try out minimyth.  Keep your old
images around until you're sure you don't need them anymore just in case you
decide to go back.

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