[mythtv-users] Lose video when jump back

John Brown jb2904 at johnbrown.com.au
Thu Dec 3 20:17:50 UTC 2009

With Ibex and Karmic the video works "out of the box" without having to do
anything. It is really important to have the latest firmware installed
though. The only thing that's required is to install audio drivers. It's
worked reliably for years, except for the problem below:

Any clues?

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> Hmm - I know it's off the original thread Q, but:
> > Remote Frontend: Hardware Via EPIA EN12000 running Ubuntu Karmic
> (clean
> > install a few weeks ago) with all updates installed with Mythtv
> Frontend
> > release-0-22-fixes (22594) using 'Slim" playback profile edited to
> Decoder:
> > VIA XvMC (the defaults to Video Renderer xvmc-bit as the only option)
> how do you find this hardware as a frontend? I purchased one of these
> motherboards ages ago and gave up trying to battle against openchrome
> It's since been retasked but I may need to re-use it.
> Many thanks
> Andrew
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