[mythtv-users] multiple network boot diskless frontendswith seperate configurations?

Bobby Schwartz rschwartz at lastar.com
Thu Dec 3 19:46:59 UTC 2009

> The information is out there but it is well hidden.
> On mythbuntu 0.21 each FE's MAC address is used for an independent
> repository for that FE, on the BE.  On 0.21 you can just do
> it.
> Also note multiple diskless FE's will likely need more HDD file space
> allocation over a default setup.
> On 0.22 apparently one has to do this from the command line however
> I've not figured that out yet, perhaps someone can clarify?

I'm a Mythbuntu fanboy and this writeup really got me off the ground:

The basic idea is that you have a starting image + an overlay for each
system (based on MAC address.)  Each system mounts a read-only copy of
the starting chroot and then mounts a pivot copy of its own settings.
Eveything is stored on the diskless server.  If you ever desire you can
purge the overlay for any specific system and that system will revert
back to the initial chroot.  You may also modify the chroot and all
systems will get the change.

In Mythbuntu most of the setup is handled through a distro package.

There are still some bugs and rough spots that I haven't worked through
yet.  And I'm definitely very green at this type of setup.  But like I
said, that link got me 90% of the way there.  Mythbuntu 9.10 has MythTV

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