[mythtv-users] Any Asus Aspire Revo Users Out There?

David Asher asherml at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 19:18:17 UTC 2009

On Dec 3, 2009, at 1:53 PM, Kirk Bocek wrote:

> Stuart Larson wrote:
>>> If you're using an Asus Aspire Revo and have HDMI audio working,  
>>> would you
>>> please share your configuration information.
>>> VDPAU and everything else works great on my Asus Aspire AR1600- 
>>> U910H but
>>> I've
>>> spent many, many hours trying to HDMI audio to work. You can see  
>>> some of
>>> the
>>> details here:
>>> https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=23567&forum=39
>>> Even if you're not on CentOS, let me know what your configuration  
>>> (module
>>> parameters, etc.) looks like. I'd really appreciate it.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kirk
>> While I don't have a Revo to try this with (and you've probably  
>> already
>> found the link, but I'm wondering if it helps), I've found this...  
>> it's
>> related to XBMC but involves alsa config for audio over HDMI, which  
>> sounds
>> promising:
>> http://xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=62629
> Yes, I've wandered onto that thread several times. Unfortunately
> /etc/asound.conf and .asoundrc modifications don't seem to make any  
> difference.

I don't know what display you are using, but my display (Panasonic V10  
plasma) doesn't seem to like to receive DD/DTS 5.1 sound.  When I  
changed myth to output stereo instead of pass-through DD/DTS it worked  
with ALSA:hdmi as the audio device from a Revo 1600.

I haven't tried the Revo output to my receiver yet.  My current  
frontend for that is a Zotac ION using plughw:0,3 with passthrough  
turned on.


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