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Michael Tiller michael.tiller at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 14:54:03 UTC 2009

I have a MythTV system (MythBuntu 9.10) that is the hub of my media
network.  My in-laws live with us and they currently use a MediaMVP to
access their programs.  However, we are getting them an HDTV and so we want
to have an HD capable media player to go with it

My wife and I have a Popcorn Hour in our room and it basically works.  Not
exactly the most polished piece of hardware but at least it has the
necessary codecs, etc.  By the way, in case anybody is interested I wrote my
own custom web app to provide a crude MythTV interface to the Popcorn Hour.
Only supports playback and deletion, but that is all we needed.  You can
find the source code here <http://github.com/mtiller/MythPCH>.

Back to the topic at hand.  I'm not exactly doing backflips over the popcorn
hour so I'm open to other possibilities.  My requirements are:

   1. HD output (their TV is going to be 720p).
   2. Must be able to handle playback of both MPEG2 and whatever format the
   HD-PVR spits out (H.264 I assume).
   3. Must be able to connect and playback MythTV recordings on the network.
   4. Must be consumer friendly.  The more "out of the box" the better.
   Although a "hacker" solution is fine for me, it has to be push button simple
   for them (and reliable).

I'm not looking for high end.  Just whatever can do these things and is
reasonably cheap but reliable.

The PCH fits the bill on all of the above.  I'm just wondering if there is
anything else I should be looking at.  For example, Newegg has this
combination Blu-ray/DLNA
$169.99.  I doubt my in-laws would use the Blu-ray much and I'd be
concerned that the DLNA support wouldn't provide seamless MythTV integration
but nevertheless it is interesting because of the range of capabilities.

So is the PCH the best HD MythTV player out there or is there something
better (and by that I mean mostly cheaper :-).


P.S. - Just noticed that A-110's are out of stock at popcornhour.com.  Doh!
Anybody know where else they can be had?

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