[mythtv-users] MythTV at my place...

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 2 20:28:09 UTC 2009

On 12/02/2009 03:17 PM, Colin McGregor wrote:
> By default Knoppmyth stores video files in one directory as a number,
> a number that consists of the date/time/channel/tuner used to record
> for each show.

You mean the TV recordings that are stored with Myth names 
<chanid>_<starttime>.<ext> ?  That's a standard MythTV thing (and, 
really, those names should /never/ be changed--i.e. by using 
mythrename.pl without the --link argument).

>  There is also a directory filled with simlinks where
> you have human friendly titles (show title – date – time – and episode
> name (if available)) linking back to the “real” files. So, what I
> wanted to do was copy the video files under the human friendly name to
> the Mythbuntu video directory, keeping in mind that the simlink file
> pointers would now be wrong.  To manually sort out the change for a
> few files would be easy enough, but in my case I was talking over 200
> files, far more “busy work” than appealed to me, thus the small script
> seen below.
> The script below is on several levels ugly, making several assumptions
> that while correct in my situation, will not be universally true.
> Still this script is a lot less ugly than manually doing over 200 copy
> statements... Further, it left me with an easy way to back out of any
> problems.

Isn't LinHES/KnoppMyth/whatever just using mythrename.pl --link to 
create the "pretty" views of the recordings?

Doesn't MythBuntu do the same?

Why copy/fix the symlinks?  Just re-run mythrename.pl --link .


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